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Highway to Hell

USA - speelfilm - 1991

Hellcop wears biblical inscriptions

Highway to Hell

HIGHWAY TO HELL is een Amerikaanse film gemaakt in 1989 (uitgebracht in 1991). Het scenario werd geschreven door latere Oscar winnaar Brian Helgeland (LA Confidential) and in de film speelt Ben Stiller twee cameos.

Chad Lowe (Life Goes On) and Kristy Swanson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) start in this horror-comedy-action-adventure as young lovers Charlie and Rachel eloping to Las Vegas for a secret wedding. Standing in their way is Satan, who has taken a liking to the lovely Rachel and has sent Hell Cop (C.J. Graham. Jason Lives: Friday the 13th part VI) to bring her down to Hell where she can satisfy his develish lust. When Charlie follows, he’s thrust into an expected world of living satanic bikers, cannibalistic blondes and a coffee shop where the only thing living is the food. Charlie has a regular run-in with Greek mythology.

The stellar cast includes Patrick Bergin (Patriot Games), Richard Farnsworth (The Straight Story). The Stiller family: Jerry Stiller (Seinfeld) with his wife Anne Meara as Medea, his daughter Amy Stiller as Cleopatra and A-list-star son Ben Stiller…. Also featuring rocker Lita Ford and (Jewish) comedian Gilbert Gottfried as Hitler. Directed by cult director Ate de Jong (Drop Dead Fred) with a screenplay by Oscar winner Brian Helgeland (LA Confidential).

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  • Lida Ford in HtH
  • Chad Lowe and a devil in HtH
  • Kristy Swanson & Chad Lowe elope
  • Anne Meara in HtH
  • Hellcop
  • Richard Farnsworth in HtH
  • Andy Warhol lookalikes in HtH
  • Hellcop
  • Charon in HtH
  • Cop in HtH
  • Punished Cop in HtH
  • Young Lovers try to escape
  • Kristy Swanson in HtH
  • Patrick Bergin as the devil in HtH
  • Hellcop wears biblical inscriptions
  • A monstrous devil
  • Captured Cop in HtH
  • Gilbert Gottfried in HtH
  • Cops in Hell
  • Charon
  • Ben Stiller in Highway to Hell
  • Ben Stiller as Atilla the Hun in HtH
  • Ben Stiller & Kristy Swanson HtH
  • Anne Meara HtH
  • 13 lane Highway

Highway to Hell groeide uit tot een absolute cult classic vooral in de USA. De film werd op talrijke festivals vertoond en kreeg een Blu-Ray re-release in 2015.

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