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  1. Hallo Ate,zou het niet een uitdaging zijn om een film te maken over hetAmerika vliegtuig dat in jou geboorte plaats in Aardenburg in de jaren 40 is neergestort.En al de verhalen van toen op het witte doek te doen herleven.
    Zou kunnen lijkt mij.Paul.

  2. jamie harvey says:

    I am dying to see Love is Thicker Than Water, but can not locate a local theater that is showing it. I live in Palm Springs, California 92240. Please help.

    I love Johnny Flynn, his music and his film work. Hope this film is a hit. It looks fabulous from the trailer.

    Jamie Harvey

    • Ate de Jong says:

      I’m so so sorry Jamie. I didn’t see this message until today. LOVE IS THICKER THAN WATER is not officially released yet. We thinknbthe UK release will be spring 2017, probably starts in Wales and then later in summer it will be released in the USA. But I lack exact details at this moment. But it will happen. Always
      Ate de Jong
      (co)director / producer

  3. Dear Ate,
    I’m the Executive Director of the Vancouver Jewish Film Centre
    and we would love to consider “Love is Thicker Than Water” for our upcoming 29th annual Vancouver Jewish Film Festival.
    Would it be possible to email me a link to preview the film.
    If rights have been sold for Canada could you let me know to whom.
    Very Best Regards,

    • Ate de Jong says:

      I’m so sorry Robert. The website is barely monitored and I didn’t see this message till today about LOVE IS THICKER THAN WATER. Much too late I fear. Ate de Jong

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