About Mulholland

Mulholland Pictures is an Amsterdam- London based film company, founded in 1998 by actor/director Jeroen Krabbé, actor/writer Edwin de Vries and producer/writer/director Ate de Jong.

Jeroen Krabbé, Edwin de Vries and Ate de Jong are three very experienced professionals, with a high reputation in the national and international film- / tv- / theatre industry. With Mulholland Pictures BV they intend to make films that are internationally attractive and have both artistic and commercial value.

Their first cooperation resulted in the internationally acclaimed 1998 movie Left Luggage (winner of four Berlin Film Awards).

Mulholland Pictures BV is responsible for the most expensive, and one of the most prestigious Dutch movies ever, The Discovery of Heaven (2001) based on the international bestseller by Harry Mulisch, and the sexy thriller Fogbound (2002). Mulholland Pictures also co- produced Michael Apted’s 2001 Enigma, produced by Mick Jagger, starring Kate Winslet.

Since February 2005, Ate de Jong is sole owner and director of Mulholland Pictures.

Mulholland Pictures BV has been involved with a multitude of (inter)national films. You can find many details of these films on this website.

About Ate de Jong

Ate de Jong started as a 17 year old boy at the Film Academy in Amsterdam. At 23 he directed his first feature film and since has directed features in Holland, Hollywood, Germany, South Africa and the UK.

Ate also produced numerous international films and wrote extensively about film in a multitude of magazines and news papers. He created a radioshow for NPR (National Public Radio / USA), wrote several novels and a party-games book for children.