Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds

The death of Debbie Reynolds one day after daughter Carrie Fisher is throwing pearls at psychologists.

Everyone is always  full of Carrie being very ‘open’ about her bi-polar affliction. It wasn’t such a big deal, it was –she told me several times– something that went down quite well and grabbed attention. Privately she talked a lot more about the relationship with her mother. A mother-daughter relationship is of course often a love-hate relationship.  

Sometimes her mother was banned to attend Carrie’s A-list parties because she would demand all attention. Sometimes Carrie softened up and Debbie was invited and then what happened? Debbie demanded all attention, she had to be the center of the party — I witnessed it several times, because Carrie and I became friends after the shooting of Drop Dead Fred. Fascinating!

Carrie told me that her problems with her mother started when she was young and her mother performed in Las Vegas (because the big Hollywood films went to younger actresses). Because the audience adores a child, Carrie had to join in a song during her mother’s show. But she shouldn’t draw too much attention. Because Carrie was young she had a great and strong voice. The audience often cheered more for Carrie instead of her mother Debbie.

Afterwards, Carrie told me, they had screaming-matches in the dressing room; literally who could scream the loudest. Carrie was also the winner in that category. Then her mother would lift her skirt, turn her bum towards Carrie and farted as loud as she could. Well, at that moment a daughter is beaten. 

Now again, dying one day after her daughter, Debbie manages to get center stage. Much of this interaction can be seen in Postcards from the Edge with Meryl Streep and Shirley McLaine, but I bet you, this turn of events will spawn a new Hollywood film, packaged by CAA superagent Brian Lourd and his and Carrie’s daughter Billie Lourd  playing the lead.

Fascinating! Only in Hollywood.