Julia has to make a choice: sacrifice her baby to save many people, or rescue her baby daughter. Julia does not accept the choice and fights her opponents tooth and nail. She’s determined to achieve both: free her daughter and save the people.

The world has drastically changed. Forty years earlier, meteorites destroyed the earth, decimating the population. But life did not end, neither did the world change into a dystopia. On the contrary, some communities flourished!
Julia lives in a prosperous new metropolis, free from inequality, injustice, fear, envy or cruelty. Is this truly utopia, or is it just a façade filled with superficial happiness?

‘Clicks’ is a sci-fi adventure movie. The tone will be dynamic. Original action sequences complemented with dark humour à la Drop Dead Fred will be the driving forces in the story.

All futuristic facts in ‘Clicks’ are based on current scientific research. In the near future it will be possible to make virtual travels via DNA. Algorithms can predict how ancestors will behave in current situations. Our justice system will no longer use a police force to maintain law and order, subversive behaviour will be corrected by self-regulation.

Julia (26), a digital sculptress, has mixed Chinese and Caucasian features, even though Karl Marx is one of her ancestors. She is full of zest and sparkle.

Lao (26) is blessed with a superb athletic build. He is a good guy, with kindness oozing out of every pore. His ancestor was the indomitable Bruce Lee.

Jitse (24) is a role model Adonis with a look in his eyes as if he has visited the underworld once too often. He is a science buff, like his ancestor Marie Curie.

Tessa (23) is a robust woman. She is as charming as she is unfathomable. Her lineage traces back to the illegitimate child of football star Christiano Ronaldo.

The Guide (45), the ruler of the metropolis, is barely ever seen in public. He dresses like a hippie with long dreadlocks.

Core audience is 16 – 24 year old.

  • Genre: sci-fi adventure movie
  • Budget estimate € 8 m (subject to cast)
  • First financing via tax incentives locked in
  • Cast and director choices contingent on requirements financiers
  • ‘Clicks’ aims to be an Asian-European, or an Asian-American co-production
  • There is a distinct possibility to use 3-D. And the story allows for game spin-offs.