Nosferatu ReAnimated


A stout young lady, Ellen, tries to break free from her bourgeois society. Embarking on an adventurous trip to the country of spooks and shadows, she encounters a formidable foe: Orlok the vampire. Now Ellen has to make a dramatic sacrifice with which she defeats the monster and gains her much-desired freedom.

Herzog’s update of Murnau’s masterpiece was shot in the Dutch city of Delft. ‘Nosferatu Reanimated’ is of course also set in Delft, with the tomb of the Dutch royal family, inside the New Church of Delft, providing a marvellous set-piece. Castle Orlok will be situated in a non-existent, barren wasteland, drained from all life. No thunderstorms there, only drought, daunting heat and bloodsucking mosquitoes…

‘Nosferatu Reanimated’ is an eerie adventure with a serious theme: the depletion of our planet. But it is also a fun, gothic romance!

Cinema was in its infancy when Murnau created his masterpiece in 1921. Today stop-motion animation has become the technique par excellence to reflect the bloody cocktail of romance, humour and the macabre.

‘Nosferatu Reanimated’ pays homage to its classic inspiration with a modern spirit. Back in the old days, Ellen was no more than a damsel in distress. Today she is the centrepiece of the story. Ellen is a smart, witty and bold heroine, facing a gruelling task: saving our world from bloodthirst and greed.

‘Nosferatu Reanimated’ is a dark fairy tale, and fairy tales appeal to all ages. The core audience will be young adults, supplemented by fans of animation, arthouse and horror / fantasy movies.

  • director Erik van Schaaik
  • writers Erik van Schaak & Moniek Kramer
  • producer Ate de Jong – Mulholland Pictures
  • stop motion feature film with an initial theatrical release
  • target audience young adults, animation-, arthouse- and horror / fantasy lovers
  • budget set at E 6m
  • international co-producers meetings at IFFR, Berlin Film Fest and MIFA

(password: garlic)