Nosferatu Reanimated

A stop motion feature film

Target Audience: Young adults, animation enthusiasts, art house lovers, and fans of horror/fantasy films
Screenplay: Treatment and a fully developed script available in English
Animatic: moving storyboard version 1 available in English
Budget: Estimated at €6,000,000.
Funding: development financed by Dutch Film Fund

We are actively seeking co-production partners. Feel free to reach out to us! / +31 (0)20 627 4339

Nosferatu Reanimated flyer

Producer Ate de Jong (Mulholland Pictures BV) has been involved in a multitude of (inter)national films, being responsible for one of the most prestigious (and expensive) Dutch movies ever, The Discovery of Heaven (starring Steven Fry). He is now in post-production with the US indie movie Heart Strings, set in the world of Americana music.

Director Erik van Schaaik is writer and director of award-winning films like Vent (Annecy, Berlin) and Under The Apple Tree. Catch a screening of Erik’s latest film, The Smile, in competition at Annecy 2023.

Writers Erik van Schaak and Moniek Kramer

Join Ellen, a stout young lady seeking to break free from her bourgeois society, on an adventurous journey into a realm of spooks and shadows. Here she encounters a formidable foe, Orlok the vampire. Through a dramatic sacrifice, Ellen triumphs over the monster and attains the freedom she so desires.

Nosferatu Reanimated is an eerie adventure with a thought-provoking theme: the depletion of our planet, symbolized by the vampire as a metaphor for human greed. But fear not, for it is also an enchanting gothic romance filled with fun and excitement!

Cinema was in its infancy when Murnau created his masterpiece in 1921. Today stop-motion animation has become the technique par excellence to capture the bloody cocktail of romance, humour and the macabre.

Nosferatu Reanimated is set in the famous city of Delft, Netherlands, with the tomb of the Dutch royal family, inside the New Church of Delft, as a marvelous set-piece. Castle Orlok will be situated in a desolate wasteland, drained of life, where drought, scorching heat, and bloodsucking mosquitoes reign supreme.

Nosferatu Reanimated pays homage to its classic inspiration while infusing it with a modern spirit. Gone are the days when Ellen was merely a damsel in distress; today, she takes center stage as a smart, witty, and bold heroine. Join her as she faces the daunting task of saving our world from the clutches of bloodthirst and greed.

Nosferatu Reanimated is a captivating dark fairy tale that transcends age boundaries. While appealing to young adults as its core audience, the film also delights animation enthusiasts, arthouse aficionados, and fans of horror / fantasy movies alike.